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Operations Insight and Intelligence

Improve decision making and streamline services with analytics.

Organisation Insight

Every IT organisation uses information to make decisions, however as environments continue to grow and the use of 3rd party services or the cloud increases, IT organisations need new ways of gaining insight.

Reporting and Show-Back

Reporting and show-back can indicate current usage levels across the IT environment, allowing the CTO or IT Director to forecast growth and plan for capacity increases.

Dashboards and service catalogues allow resources to be aligned to tasks and roles, improving efficiencies and simplifying management.

Predictable Analytics

Predictable analytics can provide IT with foresight around an impending outage, allowing for resource to be directed to the issue, minimising the time spent resolving issues before an outage occurs.

Intelligence & Analytics

Instrumentation & Analytics provides the IT organisation with Operational Insight through Intelligence, to ensure the standards are being enforced, SLA’s are being achieved, and Analytics helps as part of continuous service improvement allowing you to plan for growth, model the impact of change, and forecast costs.

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