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What is Hybrid IT?

Hybrid IT combines a mix of in-house and cloud based services to complete an entire pool of IT resources. Gain more control over all your IT services, from traditional applications to Software as a Service. You can control exactly how all your services operate; have the flexibility to choose which workloads go where and benefit from complete visibility to monitor and manage the entire system efficiently.

Deploy services faster through automation and rapidly change direction or enter new markets, as all functionality is moved up into software, giving you much more flexibility. Move from being a cost centre to a profit centre as you offer and commercialise services back into the business and gain a greater level of insight about how services are running.

Hybrid IT delivers the best of both worlds: all the agility of the cloud combined with the predictability of traditional IT infrastructure.

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Instrumentation and Analytics

What is it?

Instrumentation provides essential real-time visibility across all critical IT resources and gives you the tools for monitoring, reporting and implementing change. Use analytics to make improvements to services and get greater insight about consumption levels, capacity planning, growth, and impact forecasts.

Why is it important?

Maintaining governance and control is critical to successfully implementing a Hybrid IT strategy. You gain improved control and visibility of your IT environment through an ecosystem of complementary tools for all core services and platforms, leading to better decision making.

How does it work?

Centralised dashboards for IT provide a single view of the environment, Operational and Predicative Analytics help to improve problem resolution / resource deployment / incident management / plan and forecast for growth and increases in capacity.

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